Preparotory Course for the CACD English Test

Course designed and customized for those who intend to take the CACD public contest.

It is a private course of 12 months (96 hours) focused on:

  • Grammar studies
  • Translations studies
  • Composition practice
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Review of every English Language test (CESPE)
  • Reading, interpretation, grammar and discussion of ‘Diplomacy’ (Kissinger)
  • Summary on the main articles of ‘The Economist’, ‘The Guardian’, and others

The grammar studies are oriented to those most recurrent topics required by CESPE as well as the student’s difficulties. If you wish to take a look at the syllabus.

For the ‘Translations studies’, among other references, particularly ‘Guia de Tradução Diplomática’.

The compositions will follow – as a template – ‘Editorial da Folha de São Paulo’, oriented by Othon Garcia.

The student is supposed to answer home the TPS questions and in class his tutor will examine thoroughly his understanding, grammar and right/wrong answers.

The vocabulary enrichment is a natural consequence of reading Kissinger, The Economist and the Guardian (among others).

Although the CACD contest requires no spoken English, the course is in English rather than Portuguese.

Generally, the course is of 96 hours, 08 hours a month, 02 a week.

A concorrência para ser diplomata é muito grande, prepare-se o quanto antes!