English Test

This is a quick test to assess your listening skills.

Please use neither dictionary nor online help. Answer the questions in no longer than 15 min.

First watch the video carefully, then try answering the questions below.  Your answers must explain why you agree or disagree, do not answer simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

This is the video, please click and watch on YouTube:


Quick English Test
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Obama, by the time of the speech, has been over four years as president of the USA.
According to the interview, Obama might be considered as a visionary.
Obama's dream is to run for a second term.
We might infer that Obama pleases himself bribing.
We might infer that whatsoever political agenda he had pursued he'll keep as his second term ends.
Obama knows his political life as a president can no longer keep on.
We understand Obama will care about his political agenda even not in office.
We might infer Obama lived in Chicago.
Obama most likely works in Washington and has part of his personal life in Chicago.
Obama's daughter doesn't want to stay in Washington DC.
Sasha is in the first year of High School.
Sasha doesn't want to move to Chicago and Obama then thinks she is a sophomore.
Most probably Sasha's high school is in Washington DC.
Barbara implies Obama won't move back to Chicago due to his political agenda.
Barbara does not pressure Obama.
Barbara Walters considers Obama's daughter able to change her father's decisions.
Obama's wife sacrificed herself for her husband's idiosyncratic purposes.
We might understand from the speech that Obama clearly wants to show gratitude to what Michelle did.
Barbara Walters has been deceitful during the interview.
Barbara has been formal and uses no slangs.
Obama has been informal and uses slangs.
We might infer from the interview that Obama may consider his political aims as mumbo jumbo.
We might infer that Obama is not so sure about Michele and Sasha's well-being.